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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Submissions will be accepted starting on August 30th & deadline is November 30th.

The topics of the Seventh Pan-Armenian Painting Contest are:

1.      A story of a bear (comics)

2.      If I had wings: Birds of Armenia

3.      Yerevan Zoo 2025

4.       Protect the ozone layer because it protects you

The participants of the contest can submit their art works via the website www.paintingday.sunchild.org.

The participants will compete in 3 age groups:

•           I group:  5-8 years old

•           II group: 9-12 years old

•           III group:   13-16 years old

The young painters, who submitted the best works before September 30, will participate in the “Painting Day” on October 25.

Disclaimer: the owners of the chosen pictures must send their pictures  to the Foundation for the Preservation and Wildlife and Cultural Assets through post by their means (Myasnikyan St., 20 Building Armenia, Yerevan 0025). The winning paintings become the property of FPWC and will not be returned to the authors. FPWC reserves the right to retain the paintings and their images for present or future use.